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Angry Baker is a pseudonym I used for myself on my first blog, back when we were all trying to be anonymous on the internet. Baking is like therapy for me, I end up in the kitchen working out my issues with my favorite carbs.  


About mendy

I've been creating lifestyle content for social media for the last 4 years, mostly in London. I started like every other internet cliche - a momtog with a dust-covered degree and a need to find a creative outlet to counteract  the mundane tasks of adulting. Enter photography. Enter Instagram. Enter a change in direction. I honed my mobile photography skills and decided to jump on the I'm detail oriented, and meticulous with my editing - most of which I do on my iphone. My goal is to make images that people envision themselves  engage people.  I am more about real life composition than a flawless styling narrative. I love working with individuals, local business, independent shops, and small brands - helping them understand the unique potential and reach of using lifestyle and travel content to reach their audience and customers. 


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