I'm ba-ack. With a Union Jack.

What do Michael Jordan, Barbara Walters, Oprah, and myself all have in common?

We all like a good fake retirement. #insertlaughtrack

I really wanted to hit myself a couple of weeks ago when I had the idea to start blogging again. Seriously, why? And then I started tooling around on squarespace and thinking how dandy it would be to combine my blog and portfolio website into one neat package. And because...... London!

You know, I'm going to instagram the H.E. double hockey sticks out of the UK, but wouldn't be nice if I could tell you all about it? Wouldn't it be easier for my family and friends that don't (for shame) use instagram? These, my friends, are what my girls like to call "atorical questions."

But wait! What about the old blog? It will be archived and I'll make it available here, for those of you that really want to dig deep. The old black room photography website is dead and gone.

I make no promises about content, frequency, topic, language, or entertainment. I'm only just saying I'm back, and now you know where to find me. I'll get to the moving stuff soon, but I'm too busy having panic attacks right now.

For now, Hello.