The Queen's House

Not the Queen's house, just a Queen's house. Let's be honest, I don't actually understand the historical importance of this place, other than architecturally, it's the first truly classical building built in England. And completion was stalled several times, different important people lived in it, and it's been altered several times, and now it's basically an art museum. You can read about it here. I'm just here for the photo opps. (and the steampunk harpist)

One thing I will say, walking through the maze like rooms left me wondering how anyone would get privacy in such a massive house. You almost always had to move through one room to get to the next - and there's a courtyard on the ground level, so you have to go upstairs to get across to other side of the downstairs. If any of that makes sense, you get a gold star.

You know, for ballrooms and masquerades. And bald guys with totes.

Greenwich park and Royal observatory in the back (also the prime meridian).

view from the mezzanine

hand painted ceiling, yo. #nekidbabybutts

blah blah blah, more pictures.

The end. Come visit sometime.