I have started scribbling down words that people use that are unfamiliar to me. Generally my strategy is to just nod and smile politely, and then look them up later so I can feel stupid in the comfort of my own home. Here are my favorites so far:


(you all know this one, but I've only heard it in Hugh Grants voice.)

"The school employees were very nice, but we're worried that it's not the right demographic for our kids. I'm not sure how to describe it..."

"You're trying to be diplomatic, but you mean dodgy."


"They have some really lovely pantomimes there at Christmas time - if you like pantos. Some can be a bit naff."


"We have met your daughter already! The girls were in the back and she asked Finley for her little sister's name, and when Finley told her, she said, 'That's not a name, that's a country!'"

"Well, that was gobby."


"We arrived yesterday, so we've been here less than 24 hours."

"You must be shattered."

UPDATE - my husband has informed me that I did not explain what the words actually mean. And now I feel compelled to explain to you all, in a much less condescending way, that the words are hyperlinked to their definitions.

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