Blogging and baking

I'm wearing Cal's flannel, cozy socks, a fuzzy scarf draped around my neck, and my cuppa is within reach. I've totally adopted the tea lifestyle. I like to think it suits me. Oh, and tunes. The tunes this morning are chill, singer-songwriter boys. Incidentally, many of them are named Tom. So pretty much I'm pretending it's Fall (I mean Autumn) and that last can of pumpkin needs to be sorted. This means we've entered our first episode of baking and blogging. I'm going to go cream some butter and sugar. I'll be back in  few minutes.

Damn that was fast, right? Speaking of adopting things, another thing I've started doing is measuring metric. Gone native and all that. Well, not really. Because honestly, the British use a combinations of measuring systems. I guess it makes sense, since we got the Inches and stuff from them, so it's not uncommon to hear the mish-mash. The vehicle speedometer is miles, not kilometers. But back to the point, I love my Jamie Oliver kitchen scale. I can measure wet and dry and use only the bowl that comes with it. Improves clean up and accuracy! And while we're talking baking, I bought a Kenwood Kmix stand mixer instead of Kitchenaid. I didn't want to pay for the Kitchenaid (not that the KMix was exactly inexpensive) and I read a ton of great reviews about the KMix. I can say that I like it quite a bit more than the Kitchenaid I had in the states, if only for the fact that it has an add in flour slowly option to avoid over mixing. Several other features excite me as well, but I realize how this might only be of interest to a small rank of freaks like me. So, moving on.

Actually I'm trying to multitask right now, which I should never do. I'm instagramming, blogging, baking, editing a phone pic, and trying to think of a new door story. I feel like I'm on speed going back and forth between all of them. But I'm kind of buzzing off this crazed vibe, so I'm gonna roll with it. Just let me tag this pic. And I think I'll add eating lunch in front of the screen to my list of tricks today. I'm on fire, people!


My house now smells like cinnamon and fresh bread, which is proving the ultimate distraction, so let me focus on the actual, for real, intended point of this tangent fest I'm calling a post. I'm getting a lot of solicitations for advice about what to see and do in London. It seems when you live in a place like London, people will actually visit you. I'm pretty sure I haven't become more charming. Anyway, I've decided instead of mega emails, I'd just come up with a blog post about it. This is where I ask you for help. What kind of info would you find most helpful? Food, sights, getting around, off the beaten track, neighborhoods, etc. I'm not an expert, but I can offer some insight from my experience so far.

Alright, only four paragraphs to ask a straightforward question. The British may be rubbing off on me more than I think. (And don't worry about my manic baking, you know I'll be posting a pic on instagram shortly.)

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