place holder

You wouldn't know it by looking around this site, but I haven't completely abandoned this space. I've been thinking about direction and intent as I slowly work on an overhaul/update. I've got the logo sorted, I've got the new template under construction, and I am ever-so-slowly writing, uploading, and generally obsessing over minute details because I really am really too neurotic to be okay with "good enough." I should really have hired someone to do this because 1) I'm indecisive 2) I am not a graphic designer and 3) It's hard for me to think of this as work and not just one of my random projects I'll get to eventually. 

Anyway the great thing about such a dormant website is that I can post here and really just be talking to myself. I want to use this space more - partly because of my dissatisfaction with instagram and social media in general. If I can keep it short, and not ramble, I think taking the blog back might be the right direction for me.