Sexy Thyme with Kiehl's

I pulled out the dslr for some product and lifestyle shots for our quick trip with @kiehlsuk. It's been interesting to see how the way I compose is heavily influenced by the my use of my iphone as my primary camera (particularly that shorter focal length). I try to keep an open mind about that, bc I'm simply tired of  photographers claiming there is some sort of hierarchy of "real cameras" (or photographers for that matter). I'm not actually here to talk about purists and precious views, but trust me, I could really get into that debate.

I tried to do my own thing this time - something different than what you'd find on my instagram, relying on the mood, the setting, and the experience of a luxury getaway at Thyme Hotel.  These are the photos I like the most, a mix of iphone and dslr. I call them Sexy Thyme in the Country. Get it? Wink emoji here. 

I guess because Valentine's Day is coming up, and the winter light was so blue and rich,  it felt like excess was the only way to go. And I'm clearly into my new leopard jacket. Rawr. 

I wasn't using a flash, and I didn't add any vignetting post processing. This was really just the shadowy light in my room. If only I'd brought Kate Moss for what I'm now calling Editorial Light. 

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