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I skipped February, but it was short. Here's my round up of links that interest me for March :)

Caravan Bankside

Caravan Bankside


Caravan Bankside brunch - Jalapeno cornbread, frijoles negros, fried egg, avocado, chipotle, lime. 


'Boys have deep emotional lives.' An interview with Rosalind Wiseman, who tackles Boy World in her latest book.

Christian, Conservative, and Parenting a Transgender child in Texas. This looked a bit like click bait to me at first glance, but I am always impressed by people that can stand up against any powerful organization when very personal experiences change their perspective, their hearts, and their lives. 

Mo Willems' Funny Failures. I'm glad to see more discussion about the myth of overnight success and the importance of understanding the role of failure in your life and work. Plus, Mo is wonderfully snarky. 



American House Architecture. I want to buy this poster when it's back in stock. I find myself staring at it the way I would a map, trying to take in individual elements and the whole of it at once.



The first decade of Monocle - I know they started as a magazine, but I kind of think of Monocle as the British NPR. I mean, I would carry tote bags for either of them. 

Schitt's Creek - this show makes me laugh. A lot. Who knew Eugene Levy had a son? 




Record shopping with Cal at Sounds of the Universe in Soho this week resulted in this vinyl gem. I don't know anything about it, but I dig it.